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Custom Foot Orthotics & Footwear

Custom foot orthotics are both clinically and scientifically proven to be an effective solution for treating heel, arch, knee, hip, back and neck pain. Custom foot orthotics are made from a UNIQUE DIGITAL scan of your foot.

"Patients who used Foot Levelers custom orthotics plus chiropractic care improved their pain by 40.4%, function by 32.3%"

3D BodyView

With our highly precise and accurate 3D imaging unit and its designed with the ultimate goal of creating the perfect orthotic—which in turn helps bring about peak performance and health.

  • Generates foot assessments in under 60 seconds
  • Identifies asymmetries in the feet with Arch Height Mapping
  • Illustrates how the feet impact the entire Kinetic Chain

Foot levelers custom foot orthotics can help re-instate critical balance and increase the biomechanical effectiveness of the ankle joint, providing stability to the entire skeletal system.
In addition, custom foot orthotics provide a safe and non-invasive treatment option for individuals who do not wish to take medication in order to treat foot, heel, knee, hip, and back pain.

Our mission is to help you balance your life for better health!


Custom-Made, Functional Orthotics

    1. Support all 3 arches of your feet to help balance your body
    2. Promote optimum posture and enhance and secure Chiropractic adjustments
    3. Guaranteed or your money back
    4. Individually designed based on 3D imaging or impressions of your feet
    5. Patented Gait Cycle System® offers support through each phase of your gait


Over-the-Counter Orthotics

    1. Only support one arch and often overcorrect, causing more harm than good
    2. Offer generic solutions for a number of foot conditions
    3. Durability is questionable, so you may spend more money over time replacing them
    4. Just add cushioning to treat the symptom rather than the underlying problem
    5. Do not provide custom support for your gait

Take the Test

  • Do you stand or walk on hard surfaces for more than 4 hours daily?
  • Do you participate regularly in any physical sport (basketball, tennis, running, golf, bowling etc)?
  • Have you had a prior injury to your knee, back or neck?
  • Do your shoes wear unevenly?
  • Do you have joint pain while standing, walking or running?
  • Is one of your legs shorter than the other?
  • Do you have knock-knees or bow legs?
  • Do you have obvious foot problems (bunions, corn, flat feet, etc)?
  • Do your feet “toe out” when you’re walking?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, the next step is to come in for a Consultation and 3D BodyView scan with our office. Please call 585-475-1333.