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Sports & Chiropractic Care

Option1Dr. Hartter provides chiropractic care for sports injuries, for all athletes, for all ages. Since, the majority of sports injuries are soft tissue in nature and because many of injuries arise from improper body biomechanics and improper sporting techniques. Chiropractic care - through the use of safe and natural spinal adjustment techniques, soft tissue mobilization, stretching and exercise programs - focuses on all causes which have lead to the symptoms of pain and tissue injury.

CrossFit is a varied fitness program that focuses on strength and endurance training, using functional movements for short, high- intensity workouts.

CrossFit workouts have been designed to fit the needs of all individuals regardless of age, gender, or experience.

Functional movements are natural and safe movements used in everyday life. Crossfit promotes varied workouts to ensure that one never reaches his/her plateau, thus producing the greatest results.

It has been quoted by many people that CrossFit is the most intense workout program they have experienced, and continues to be the most enjoyable and rewarding.

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